My DIY to Halloween in 2020

Did anyone else have a DIY approach to Halloween in 2020? This was the first time in nine years that I decided that I would “make” my kids Halloween costumes. This idea was made with A LOT of hesitation. I am not very crafty, nor do I have a great deal of time. However, I did want to make sure that they had the costumes that they wanted this year. Any guesses on what they wanted to be? I will give you a hint; it was not a popular costume representing a Disney character. Okay, ill tell you. They wanted to go as dragons. That’s right, dragons and the costumes they had, well we just didn’t like them that much.

hungarian horntail dragon at universal studios
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I asked my kiddos if they wanted any of the costumes that I found online, and they both said no. They asked if we could make our own. I thought about it as I looked into their eager eyes. I wanted to say no and have them pick one online, but when they said pllllleeeeassssseeee, I couldn’t tell them to pick a costume online. They went crazy with joy as we started to talk about all the details they wanted to have. We check out our “go-to” online shop. Perhaps you know it… <a href="http://general ""“>Amazon. We use it way too often, but I digress.

Getting the details for Halloween

We go on about our day. Eat dinner, play, shower, and so on. Then the kids go to bed, and I stay up figuring out what to get for their costumes. I finally found something that I could make work. I did find different DIY parts that I could add to make what they wanted. Do you want to know a little something about <a href="http://general ""“>Amazon? You have to be careful about the shipping tie frame. Some of the things that I needed for their costume wasn’t going to come in till October 30. Yeah, yikes indeed. We did luck out, though, and the package arrived on October 23. I had plenty of time to get it together thankfully.

In my attempt to make their costumes, I will admit that I did not DIY it entirely. I did order wings that came with a dragon face mask. I also got a bodysuit in blue for my son and purple for my daughter. I could not find anything that had dragon scales on it, so I had to make my own. We bought some of the washout hair dye for the paint, and I also used that in their hair to match the color of the scales I painted with the cardboard template that I made.

Proud moment for the DIY Halloween costumes

The costumes turned out so great. The kids loved the concept! They looked amazing and had a mommy original. They were our little dragon changelings. Now, with a busy schedule of school work and work, I was able to “make” their costumes. I am not a very crafty person, but I was so proud of the work I did. I also made sure that I told everyone that I made their costumes. Yes, I also let them think that I made all the things I ordered. Well, until I got asked how I made those things, then I had to come clean. Thanks for reading my story. Until next time.

Here’s a few links to what I purchased:

Mask and wings