About Us

Welcome to the Colby Zoo! If you look on your map you will see you are here...

We start the Zoo tour at the Logan Enclosure. Which is conveniently located by the Café. You will discover a 6-year-old Logan who loves to play with cars and Legos. He really loves to talk about sharks and dinosaurs he’s read about.

Next we will wonder over the bridge as the water rushes under your feet to Scarlett’s Enclosure. Here you will discover that Scarlett loves to create art and write and read stories. She is a fearless 9 not afraid to speak her mind.

Now we circle around the forest groves where Josh’s Enclosure reveals an impressive 6’1 beast of a dad. He is currently going back to school to get his Bachelors Degree. He loves to cook (fortunately for me) and tell amazing bedtime stories to our children.

As you make your way out of the forest groves, you will encounter Noel’s Enclosure. A proud mama who loves baking and writing stories (you may have read one of my books). You will see that she loves her family and does everything with them, a true mama bear.

This is our crazy, funny, unpredictable, over the top, lovable family. Our zoo is not perfect but it undeniably one of a kind.

If you have something to ask us or just want to talk, drop us a message below.

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